Kevin- "One of the best decisions I made for my health was to Join Fit Club. Great work outs with lots of variety regardless of someone's fitness level. I would highly recommend this club!"

Debbie- "Love this place,trainers are great ,very pro active about proper form, not intimidating at all,every one focused on their own workout .different workout every time. Five weeks in and still feel the workout the next day,"

Austin S. - "Great place to get motivated and see real results! The staff is great and will help track your progress in any way needed!" 

Curtis F. - "Awesome experience, great way for a quick all over body workout. Austin keeps it fun and the music is always playing. Fun times!"

Lori- "I'm not a member of the Fit Club, but I have worked with Austin do so some photography work for him at the gym. I could tell he runs a great operation and that the gym is a perfect place for people looking for the ultimate workout. If you're looking for a place to seriously get in shape, go to the Fit Club."

Miranda- "I joined the Fit Club 6 months ago after my husband and I were looking for something to help improve our strength that also fit in our family schedule.    We found that Fit Club gave us everything we we were looking for. I have enjoyed the focus on more than just great workouts, but also motivation to improve how I eat.    We love the 4:30 class, that we can get in and done before starting our evening activities with our kiddos, without the guilt of taking family time away from them. Austin does a great job of fitting every workout to your needs, for everyone in the class.   I have struggled with back issues, and when this flares up, he is always willing to modify the plan to keep me moving!  As we are looking to start training for a half marathon race, Austin has taken a special interest in preparing our bodies for the training that a race like that requires.  I appreciate the selection of class times and fun atmosphere at Fit Club and would recommend Fit Club to everyone."


Also referred too as the "KettleBALL." The kettlebell is the best thing to come from Russia since vodka. The Kettlebell is the most versatile, effective gym implement in the world. The kettlebell is the #1 functional training implement out there. Why?  

  • FULL BODY MOVEMENTS/EXERCISE = More calories burned. 
  • CARDIO AND RESISTANCE TRAINING all in 1= More calories burned. 
  • RECRUITING MULTIPLE MUSCLE GROUPS= More calories burned and well rounded strong bod


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