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22 memes that perfectly explain getting Summer Beach Body Ready

May is here and so is the panic that you do not have the summer body. Hot days are becoming more and more frequent. Less and less clothes are becoming the norm. Would you hit the rewind button if you could? Whether you're ready for the weather or not, it is here. Here are 22 memes that explain how you feel or felt, and what you found getting ready or not ready for beach season.

Realizing it is time to start.

January 1st New Year, New You? Maybe but the excuses are there and they sound too good. You'll wait. You just need time and then it is the first thing on your list.

The Holidays have come and gone and you still feel like this.

All your friends seem to be working on their summer body. You feel like you don't want to be the only one not.

Now you are serious. IT IS TIME!!!! You are ready. This will be easy. #determined #takenbackcontrol

First day back at it

You don't remember it being this hard. Was it this hard? You want to give up. But you don't.

All the muscles you haven't felt in a minute start hurting. You're in that awkward stage where you don't know if you are injured or sore.

Meanwhile your trainer is looking at you like.

You stay consistent but, DAMN LEG day comes around.

Three "consistent" weeks at the gym you're virtually an Instagram model. Time to start handing out advice to your friends. You think to yourself, "Am I really working out if I don't post something about it on social media?" So you do it and damn it feels good to let the world know you're getting FIT.

Exercise is not enough so you start clean eating.

Day 1 of clean eating feels.

Everyone around you is eating carbs. You look at bread and you gain 5lbs.

Silver Lining= You still get peanut butter.


Co-workers start taking notice.

Your friends start calling you out.

Random thoughts that pop in your head because being healthy is hard work.

Genius! The loophole you needed. "No, yes, maybe, I don't know"

So, you skip a day or two but technically not. You're recovering.

You're determined though and that's all that matters.

In the deed the glory.

A few inspirational quotes later and you are back on track.

You know that you want toned arms so you lift weights. With lifting weights comes a new found confidence.

Sweat angels and this just become a daily occurance.

14 weeks in and you still feel like this.

Summer Finally arrives ANNNNNNND!!!

Beach, booze and barbeques get the best of you and you are ready to start all over. Or are you?