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5 reasons you should hit the W.

The XT (FIT CLUB version of TRX) or TRX W is the holy trinity of back, core, and shoulder exercise. This one simple body weight movement works all three at once. The W is perfect for warm up to cool down. Here are five reasons you should be hitting this move in your gym regimen once maybe twice a week.


1- Your chest muscles are too tight.

Pectoral muscle fibers run horizontal spreading across your chest and become more vertical towards your shoulders. After a tasking chest day have you ever experienced soreness on the outside of your chest, close to your arm pit? That is your pectoralis minor and it runs vertically under the pectoralis major. If a person has tight pectoralis minor their shoulders will be rolled forward and pointing down. The W, when done properly, will stretch that vertical pec muscle. The W will balance the muscle groups in your upper back that will help counteract that rolling forward and down of your shoulders.

2- Rear Deltoids are neglected on shoulder days.

Lateral, front raises, and over head presses are awesome if done correctly. Those really only focus mainly on the anterior and medial deltoid. What about the third part of that muscle? Your rear deltoids are just as important especially when we are looking for a nice rounded, tone shoulder. That particular spindle of muscles  are often neglected when it comes to shoulder day. Dumbbell flies sort of get the rear delt but does not compare to the W.  The W fires up the medial and rear delts like a boss-- getting the top and back of your shoulders.

3- The spinatus thank you.

Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus and teres minor are muscles underneath your deltoids attached to the humerus bone. They are neglected and forgotten muscles in the back of the shoulder/rotator cuff. These small muscles don't fire on a large population. The W is one way to work those muscles around the scapula in one slow movement. The lack of activation contributes to mobility issues in the shoulders. This leads to pain and future complications with the shoulder. Infraspinatus adds stability to your shoulder joint. Strengthening these muscles will pull shoulders back setting the bone properly in the socket.

4- Common Core

A buzz word and popular word people love to use now-a-days is core. Core this and, "I need to work my core" but people think that just means planks and crunches. No. Anything upper body with a TRX suspension training should require you to focus 20% on your abs. The key to this exercise is maintaining a solid hip and center body....stiff as a board and light as a feather. This is easier said than done. Stabilizing your abs will benefit the exercise as well as tune up the calorie burn slightly. Anytime a person has to focus on stabilizing their midsection is an opportunity to stabilize their life, basically.

5- Did I mention it is good for posture.

Thoracic spine needs your attention. Your back needs your attention more that you know. Yeah it is not the most fun muscle group to work. Dudes or ladies in the gym are not approaching you about your W technique or how much you did for that movement but people will notice you standing taller. Slouching is never attractive and chest bros are obsolete. Lats and traps are ok to focus on but the W takes a strong back one step further. Our spineimportant part of our body. Building a solid muscle structure around it will only help.