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In the 21st century, progressive companies know their employees are engaged, effective and elated when they are involved with a quality work culture. Yahoo, Google, Hudl, and all the other well known hip places to work are thriving because they keep that culture alive and well. Those companies know that is a big part of keeping talent. Engagement applies to exercising at your group training facility too.

FIT CLUB was created with culture and engagement first and foremost in our minds. FIT CLUB wanted to build a "fitness culture" for our members. We wanted to make it effective, but also fun so that members would want to come and feel like they are part of something bigger. Think of the sitcom Cheers. FIT CLUB is the Cheers of Lincoln fitness. Everybody knows your name. We drink beer after we work hard.

Members Make Magic


Members keep each other accountable. If you have ever been a part of any sort of team environment you know what it is like to go to work next to the same people everyday. Clients at this facility embody that team mentality. Community members are sharing recipes, hitting the trails together, trying a new yoga class, running 5k's, etc. I love nothing more than to hear about how people are taking time to meet up with people outside of the CLUB. If someone is not there for a while, clients are asking me about where such n' such is. That's the culture we have provided.

@ FIT CLUB the only protocol is have fun with each other while getting MORE FIT. The only affiliation is to the kettlebell and we need more of that. The only agenda is to look better naked while maintaining sanity.  Look at the negative vibes on social media and then imagine the exact opposite. That is what is happening inside FIT CLUB walls.

The Juxtaposition

CLUB members understand the intimidating part of starting at a new facility. For example; everyone may appear to be best friends or everyone is pro at the movements, this equipment is new to me, this movement is something I have never seen. All members have been in those shoes. All members.

I'm so encouraged by our members ability to help newer members assimilate.  FIT CLUB members have all been in those shoes and will help you find your way. The personal attention CLUBBERS receive will ensure you are doing things properly and in a safe manner in order to get results.

Extra Curricular

RailYard Farmers Carry Field Trips to Nacho Bike Rides, and KAYAK Relays to The Club Favorite Jane Fonda workouts. FIT CLUB members are always are down to go places and try new things. We have bonding parties and potlucks. The CLUB CULTURE breaks monotony. Our members jump on board and step out of comfort zones to break that monotony. We provide the FITNESS CULTURE. They show up, go hard, and go home week in and week out.

A person could race to their goals but at FIT CLUB you journey to your goals with like minded individuals. Come Join our fitness culture for you fitness journey!