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Runners Come to FIT CLUB?? Hell Yeah they do....

Yeah, That is right!!! We have Runners at FIT CLUB.

Real, authentic running enthusiasts are often weary or hesitant of joining a facility such as FIT CLUB. That is fine. True Gym rats are weary about putting miles under their belt. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. The two groups are different in approach, they are not different in the environment that they create. Check out what CLUB member Phoebe, a real runner, has to say about visiting FIT CLUB on her day off.


  I’m a runner.  I enjoy the solitude of running and pushing my body to it’s limits. My retro IPOD Shuffle is infused with 90’s jams. As I listen to Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, and who are we kidding, Hanson. It’s just me, my  BFF, Garmin, and my feet pounding on the pavement. I need it. I love it. I’m breathing heavy like I’m dying, but I’m picking up the pace. I want to feel the pain, and then the glorious release of endorphins as I reach that Runner’s high.  No one talking to me; cowering over me, telling me what I’m doing wrong. No dousche bags that aren’t even working out, but checking out the chicks at the gym, on their phone, or chit chatting at the snack bar.  “Da weight room, is dat way..” (insert your best Hanz and Franz voice).

Who am I kidding? I can’t be in a place like Fit Club. It’s way too hip/trendy. These people have to be muscle freaks and I still can’t do a “real” pushup. My “heavy” is almost the lightest weight on any exercise.   I don’t want a gym culture.  I am used to doing something I’m good at. It’s what I know. I do spontaneous planking , wall sits, and tricep dips at home…I’m good, right? I don’t know how to do any of this crap. Suspensions, Kettle bells, blah blah blah. I already work out well and just fine by myself and an occasional running bud. Why do I need this?

                When I went for my first class at Fit Club, I was so into the workout that the 45 min/1 hour flew by and I was barely conscious of all of the crazy shit I was doing, or how much time had eclipsed. I didn’t have to put thought into it; there was loud music throbbing in the background, the energy was high, and all the moms I brought with me were hooting, sporadically laughing, AND working their asses off, to boot! It was unreal good energy…and it was actually fun. What?! Did I say that out loud?

                People go into the Fit Club to grind out their workout; then leave. It’s an eclectic band of misfits that all come together for that particular given class (every day, every class is different) to reach their own personal goals, whatever that may be. I feel comfortable, I feel safe, I feel like I belong, and  I feel like I’m going to be unbelievably sore in the next couple days.  It’s quick, time-efficient, and it’s fucking effective (excuse the expletives; but it's the most potent way I can think of to drive my point home). I (and my husband, mind you) have noticed things change in my body over the course of the last month and a half, that I can hardly believe!  I ran a 1:45 half marathon with barely any shred and I’m already feeling more toned, fit, and confident than I have since my college track and field days.

         I feel POWERFUL when I’m in Fit Club. I feel FIERCE. For the love of God, I hit a tire with a sledge hammer during one workout!   I love the variety and the atmosphere. I have always had a goal of living a lifetime of physical fitness. This will help me achieve that in a whole new way. Something I’m proud of. It’s challenging. It’s outside of my comfort zone. But I love it. I’m a believer.  To my distance coach in high school who humiliated me; and to the self that told me I have no business being here…F*ck off!

                I am a runner..and I am Fit Club.

Phoebe Hampton....