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A family that works out Together, Gets Strong Together.

All families have some set of pillars or staples that are either subliminally carried out through repetitive action or wide open for the entire family to know. Those could be a focus on honesty, hard work ethic, happiness, openness, or all of the above and more.

The Hoppe, Massey, Lipson family came together over the holiday weekend to let some energy out. They wanted to let that competitive nature nurture and have fun at FIT CLUB. FOLKS, THEY WORE MUSTACHES!!!! #hellyeah #proud Not only did this family wear mustaches they wanted to come together to continue a definitive characteristic that this Hoppe go lucky family believes whether they say it out loud for the world hear or have it in the back of their minds they know that being physically active and fit is a proper way to live. 

The nucleus of the family is here in Lincoln but the family spans the US of A. So, this group of 16 individuals that all share at least one thing in common came to FIT CLUB. We started with Moby "Green Sally Squat," played a very competitive, very rambunctious game of basketball. Not regular basketball, FIT CLUB basketball. Grandma Judy down to seven year old Helen was in it to win it. We finished with individual competitions. Laughs were had, memories were made, and a bitter rivalry was birthed. Then, rumor on the street was that everyone got in on some yoga at a place in town on Monday.

The impressive moral of the story is not that a large family spread out across the nation came together over the holiday. That is what the holidays are for....... be happily miserable with your relatives. The impressive part was not that we had a healthy mix of a family unit playing a basketball game in which calories were burned and no one was injured. The impressive part was that a family that started a long time ago with healthy lifestyle and a competitive nature continues that healthy lifestyle. It is reassuring that retired Grandparents through three generations put that sort of focus on being active is killer. The fact that no one in the family is letting off the brakes and continues to put being fit as a necessity. They make fitness a cornerstone but compete in life outside of FIT CLUB.

All of them have different goals from winning a state title in tennis, to making the 1000 lbs. lifting elite, to golf, to mini-triathlons, to maintaining a quality life through retirement, and complete body transformation. Members of this family help make the community of FIT CLUB a community is inspiring.

Tip of the hat to ALL families out there making healthy living a staple. This wonderful family/community unit is not the only one. They are not the only model. They are one example of how awesome the world is when you live FIT.