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The Speed of Sound!!!

 "While trying to reach the sound barrier in X1 aircraft everything started to shake. The plane shook vigorously. It was kinda scary because my life is in my hands. I felt like if I push this plane any further it will be out of control. It basically was. But in order to break the sound barrier I had to keep going. I was not allowed to let off the pedal. It was my duty. " NASA test pilot Chuck Yeager when talking about what it was like breaking the sound barrier.

This quote came up when My mentor and I were conversing about daily productivity. The moral of the conversation was about pushing the limits of what we think we can accomplish as opposed to what we are really capable of. This goal oriented conversation really rung a bell with all FIT CLUB clients. 

Too often I see clients as well as myself really work for that first few lost inches or a noticeable amount of  percentage body fat loss or any other short term goal for that matter. Those come easy. Then I don't know what happens. We, I say we because we all do this at some point in our lives, let off the forward button.  We figure it is ok to slow momentum. Next thing you know we are two weeks removed from where we just were.

Recent dialogue with CLUBBERS and several measurement check ups led me to writing this blog post. It also led me to the theory that all of us, at some point, get to uncharted territory. We become intimidated by the idea of going further. We start focusing on the tasks, effort, and grit that is involved in getting through the next plateau. Then begin leaning back on past results or accomplishments. The next paragraph is about recent success. Those recent successes are my way of tying this sermon to you CLUBBERS or anyone reading this.

Client Amanda has toned up a total of 6+ inches. Client Jessie has trimmed up 4+ inches. Client Kelly is down 13+ pounds. Client Tabbi has lost 17 lbs. while recovering from a knee injury. Client Kyle, Bridgette, Joe are just getting through another plateau with gains. Folks are stepping up and doing what it takes to get results. Some are getting to areas that they might not know was possible and things are starting to shake.

The sad truth is people are going to back off instead of breaking that sound barrier. That is not mean of me to say that is just the statistics behind the game we all play. People are going to let off the gas. Hide that killer instinct and digress.  

I am challenging folks to take those steps. Do not be afraid of the next level. Do not be afraid of the tasks, effort, and grit that it takes to reach your true potential. I'm not asking for perfection. I am saying leave those worries behind. Buckle up and get ready to break that fucking sound barrier. There is no better time than right now. We all hold the knowledge and capacity to do it. Don't make any excuses.