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What is it really about?

I ventured to The Haymarket Theatre two Fridays ago to watch the Lincoln Contemporary Dance Company Annual Concert. I have never been to The Haymarket Theatre let a lone a Contemporary Dance Concert so I chalked it up as a new experience and went to it. I went out of curiosity but more importantly I went to support a long time FIT CLUB client. I'll brag about that client later.


First, Lincoln Contemporary Dance Company killed it. Even the two dudes playing guitar between songs killed it. The athleticism, body control, and fluidity that the performers accentuated was outstanding. Going into this, I understood the coordination and energy that comes along with any form of dance. But, when these ladies started moving, the trainer in me instantly came out. Balance, core muscles, posture, leg muscles, agility, and so much more goes into making these performances superb.

Women of all ages participate in the LCDP but I was there to cheer on Client Paula. Paula comes in 2 times a week religiously. We work a lot on her core. I can see why that is one of her goals that she wants to keep developing more and more. Paula even came to FIT CLUB leading up to the concert one time while completing practice/run through every night. #dedication

I got so jacked up and invigorated watching this concert because I was reminded why FIT CLUB was created in the first place. FIT CLUB was created to help people challenge themselves inside and outside of FIT CLUB. For Paula FIT CLUB provides her with supplemental muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This allows her to keep doing something that she enjoys. Hard work and dedication showed during her performance. It was so refreshing to watch a client challenge herself.

Plenty of clients run half marathons, play sand v-ball, softball, or tennis but to see a client with a completely different set of skills challenge themselves was truly compelling. I felt like a parent watching his/her kid. Knowing that FIT CLUB helped someone maintain the body that they want in order to do the activities they want pushed me to want to help more people.

In the midst of celebrating our third birthday. I want to thank all of our clients for challenging themselves as well as challenging me. FIT CLUB is your gym. We work hard, and we play hard. Life's a kettlebell, swing it. #JoeDiertey #thatsFIT