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Summer Schedule


Our Summer Schedule is out. FIT CLUB gots some fun activities planned. 


Taco Ride on June 7th & July 5th

- Bicycle Ride, leaves from Club at 5:45 PM, ride hard to PloughShare Brewing Company. WE WILL HAVE 4:30 PM these days. NO 5:30 SESSION THESE DAYS.

Club Kettlebell Clinic June 11th

- No Saturday 9 am June 11th. Club Members are welcome to join this event. We will be going deeper into 2 kettlebell essential movements. This is a great opportunity to further develop your kettleballin' skills. 

June 18th Farmers Walk the Market 

 - More information to come. We will be down and around the farmers market. I am working on doing a workout in the courtyard at The Tavern on the Square. This is going to be a healthy eating walk through.  The focus of this is to get out of FIT CLUB on Saturday morning and learn, laugh, and take in some fresh air. 


Club Closed dates what?

Austin is not taking any major, week long vacations this year. He is utilizing holidays to get the hell away from all of you. Get outside and enjoy life. Do an outdoor activity, other than drinking booze. You can all drink but do something else to justify you drinking like a fish.