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Know your not alone.

I get it. Starting or looking for a new group exercise regime can seem intimidating for numerous reasons. Bridgette had expressed to me verbally after rejoining The Club in late 2015 the reason why she quit in the first place. I loved hearing her reasoning. Bridgette didn't know is that this is a common feeling.

FIT CLUB understands what you are going through. The excerpt below is the tale someone who had the same feelings as many individuals that start something new go through. I did not want her to talk about FIT CLUB. Know your not alone and enjoy the ride.  

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Trying to stay healthy and functional are my ongoing goals.  I am no major athlete by far.  I am just a regular joe-y in the gym and just trying my best most of the time.  At times I had some major slides into workout failure or humdrum because life happens but I manage to spring back with enthusiasm in the next workout venture. 
About a year ago I was at a “regular” gym in town doing my usual workouts sometimes often, sometimes not so often, and just craved something different.  I happened to drive past Fit Club in its original location (2014) and remembered a friend had told me she tried it and thoughtit was right up my alley as far as workout interests go.  So I made contact and tried it out for a few months.  Igreatly enjoyed the people,  the trainer, the workout regimen but I just could not gain momentum. I had been in a workout rut prior to initiating Fit Club so this did not help my cause.  I was lagging behind the others always and had to take breaks often due to lingering fatigue.  I knew this was a process but I felt even after a few months I should have been doing better.  Right?  I felt terrible mentally.  I felt more and more impatient with myself.  So I stopped going.  But a nagging feeling of failure lurked and I hated it. I usually left places because I was bored and was curious to see what else was out there not because I could not endure it.  Other people in the sessions were faring well- what was the dealio with me? So I went back to a “regular” gym with nagging feeling in tow. 
Fast forwardinto earlier 2015 and due to a medical issue I end up hospitalized with a recovery time afterwards.  This medical issue ended up being a main reason why I had such endurance/fatigue issues previously. Yet,  I don’t go back to Fit Club and again attempt to go back to the “regular” gym – half-assing it at best in my opinion.  I am still curious about the status of Fit Club – again because it was deemed a “failed attempt” in my mind and that did not sit well with me to date.   Finally I had had enough and connected with Austin in the fall of 2015.  This time I thought better of it and requested personal training sessions first with him instead to build up my endurance and get accustomed to the workout regimen again.  We met a couple times a week at first and then built up to three times and eventually four before I came back to the group sessions.   He was very personable and patient with me during this time. It was really fun – exhausting yes – but enjoyable and worthwhile.  After coming back to the group sessions at the end of 2015 to date, I have amazingly been able to keep up the pace with the rest of the group.  I am still a major work in progress but I have lost weight and more importantly I feel much stronger and better.
The moral of this story I think is don’t be afraid to try.  Fit Club is a unique eclectic place.  There is versatility, variety, community and fun here.  It should not be intimidating.  Take your time. Let Austin guide you in the process. Have fun with the workouts and the people working out with you – we are all in this together.  Fit Club will help you with your journey to be healthy and functional.  Isn’t that what all of us want in the end?  Enjoy the journey!  Sincerely,  Bridget – Member in 2014 and again since late 2015.