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Just quit.

I asked Miranda to write this story because I see it too often. Individuals have a physical ailment and let it ruin their life. They take a break from a program only to never return. Then by the time they start to see their results slip they believe they are too far removed from accomplishment. Then remove themselves completely from exercise.

This is not a puff piece about how FIT CLUB can handle clients with all types of injuries. I mean we can do that and do that on a daily basis. This is story that all or most all fitness enthusiast experience at some point during the course of their fitness journey. #empathy

Writen by:

Club Member Miranda



In December of 2015, Fit Club was my home from 4:30pm-5:30pm 4 days per week.  I was running an additional 1-2 days per week and feeling strong.  I struggled with low back problems off and on for years, but was never down for more than a couple days before I would be back at it full speed.   So when I hurt my back in the gym in December I did what I always did, took a couple days off and got back to the gym in 2 days.   


I was back to feeling great until that fateful morning.  It really wasn’t anything dramatic, I simply opened my sliding glass door and reached down to check for wet puppy paws before they come into the house.    I immediately dropped to my knees and knew something was different.  I knew almost immediately that this wasn't going to be just a couple days.  The pain radiated down my right leg and stabbed my calf. I couldn't sit, walk, stand or drive a care with out excruciating pain. Ultimately,  this led to 2 surgeries and 8 weeks flat on my back for a herniated disk.   I have done my time under doctors’ orders, and have been released to do as much activity as I feel up to but this is where the story gets tricky.   


I was so excited when the doc gave me the all clear, but physically I had lost everything.   In 4 months I lost all the muscle mass I had built up, struggle with running and performing even the simple tasks like bending over due to the nerve damage in my right leg.   Emotionally this change in my life took a toll.    I now understand why so many athletes and healthy living people never return to the gym after an injury.   Mentally you are still where you were before the injury but your body won’t do the things you expect to be able to do.   


The day I was released to do whatever activity I wanted to, I got my butt back to Fit Club.  I won’t lie and say it has been easy, because I still struggle every single day.  I am a very competitive person, so when there are exercises that I physically cannot do, it is hard to step aside and do something different.  But because of my attitude I will keep on working out and building up the muscle and strength I lost to heal the nerve damage.   I owe this to myself and my family to keep working to get back to pre-surgery levels.