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Memoirs of an Intern

Memoirs of an Intern
The Diary of Austin Schafer
December 21st- This was the first week that I was working at Fit Club and did not really know what to expect.  The first day Austin asked me to make an entire workout off the top of my head that focused on cardio then teach it to the class.  I demonstrated all the exercises in the workout with Austin’s help and it turned out to be a super hard work out.  From this week I learned that this internship would have a ton of free range and possibility to it.  We talked about how I would design the programs for the month of January and would gradually move into teaching classes on my own.  All the clients were awesome and had similar personalities which made the classes very easy to teach. 
January 4th- After the first week I took a break for the holidays and came back in January with my first two week program for the clients.  I designed it to work on strength and fat-loss in order to see improvements in the numbers that we were tracking.  I found out that many clients come back from the holidays out of shape and that I would have to modify my programs at least until they got back into shape.  I also found out that a lot of the equipment that Fit Club utilizes for upper body work will shred your shoulders.  That was the number one complaint by clients was shoulder exhaustion by the end of a workout. 
January 18th-This was the second set of programs that I designed and I tried to start utilizing that free range that Austin gave me in my programs.  I used stuff online and some original ideas to make workouts fun.  I found myself using intervals way too often and I needed to use variety in my workouts.  I was coming to the Club at least 5 days a week and teaching about half of the classes at this point.  Austin and I were switching off teaching and I knew all the clients by their names.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the freedom to experiment in my programs.  I learned women would complain if there wasn’t enough cardio in the workouts because they were scared of looking “buff” but when you did put cardio in they would complain about how hard cardio is.  The guys loved working on glory muscles (Bicep, Triceps) and did not like cardio as much, but would do just about whatever because they were competitive. 
February 1st-This was the last month I was at Fit Club and the last month of our Fit Daze challenge.  People were starting to already lose motivation so I had to find a way to motivate them through our test outs.  We came up with a swing challenge that was awesome and kept motivating some, but I really found out that different things motivate different people.  You cannot have one challenge to motivate everyone, which is why when you track results you have to track every single thing you can in order to cover the wants of every client.  Some clients loved the swings others just wanted a fun workout.  This week I also realized how bizarre Fit Club was compared to other gyms.  What separated Fit Club from other gyms is Austin and his personality that he puts into Fit Club.  So instead of the normal work hard commercial he decides to do a burn out on his motorcycle at 6 am and tape it.  Jazzercise did not approve.  But it made me realize that people come to a group fitness facility for motivation and a fun environment.  If there is not both, they will leave.  This made me work on my personality when I was teaching a class over the final month.  The burn mark from the tire will forever mark this day in Fit Club history. 
February 15th-The last two weeks I had at Fit Club were a blast and the clients had awesome results from the programs.  It was super rewarding to see the results and to hang out with the clients one last time.  If I was an adult looking for a gym this would be the exact fit.  No pressure and no rules to go along with my work out.  If you make the girls max out a few of them will act like they do not want to or “don’t care” but they love seeing their results and will go brag to their husbands afterwards.  The guys are way too competitive and love this week.  Have similar guys max out together and watch how hard they try.  
        Overall my experience with Fit Club was one that I would never trade.  I would choose this facility over a Gold’s Gym or a Kosama any day.  It really is a family there with an awesome leader who may not seem like he really has his shit together, but that is what makes the club THE CLUB.  Over the couple months of working there I tried out the techniques on myself to see the results and I am happy to say that it really works.  My body feels great and I have a lot more energy than when I was doing the strength program at my college.  I had huge results and it really shows that you do not need a fancy gym to work out in.  Just a place that motivates you and that you have fun at.  I learned loads of information on programs and on relationships with clients.  I learned how a small business struggles, but is very rewarding at the same time.  An internship at Fit Club will give you a window into everything a small fitness facility is, not leaving any information out.
To the future intern: 
        You do not know what you are getting yourself into at all right now.  I did not.  I thought an internship was supposed to be organized and a lot of observation.  But this is the opposite.  Let yourself be creative and don’t think that anyone will judge you if you screw up.  I screwed up a ton and I know for a fact that Austin screws up all the time.  But you just laugh and go forward.  Yes Austin may be hungover and you will have to pick him up and you’ll have to teach the class and yes you might have to write all his emails because English is hard for him, but it all is worth it and you will learn a ton.  There is no other way to learn more than to do it and learn from your mistakes.  Fit Club shows you how a gym that relates to its clients can be rewarding for everyone.  Just go with the flow and let yourself be okay with the chaos.  It will be more fun than any other place you could have chosen.  Also, I hope you’re into Beer Olympics. 
Thank you Swingers.. See you soon.
Austin Schafer