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Moral of the Story? Show Up. Work Hard. Eat Right

During FIT DAZE everybody wins. Anybody that shows up, works hard and watches what they eat, wins. If we have a challenge like FIT DAZE! We have to have winners. FIT CLUB MEMBERS could win the following competitions

  •  Greatest Increase in Maxes! (4 lifts totaled)
  • Most cm lost in Waist
  • Body Fat % loss
  • Master Attendee Award

Of those competitions the winners are as follows.

Drum Roll Please

Greatest Increase in Maxes goes to Tyler Kinzie.

All 4 lifts went up a total of 115 lbs.

Squat went up 20 lbs.

Bench went up 40 lbs.

Lat Pull down went up 30

Deadlift increased 20 lbs.

Winner of the Body Fat % competition.

Kyle Lipson:  

Jan 4: 23.2%  body fat  and 108 cm in the waist

Feb: 26 ish: 20.9% body fat and 98 cm in the waist

Kyle and Tyler are Co-Attendee Champs!


Moral of the story? These folks showed up 5 times a week. They ate healthy. They didn't drink. Followed FIT CLUB's program design.

You all can do it.