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"There are no secrets."

The Club is now post FIT DAZE and we are living in the fruits of our labor, or however that saying goes. We put in the work. Didn't say anything about "New Years Revolution". We basically put our head down and kept doing what we do. Make shit happen.  

Alexis lost 50lbs. over 3 years. That is real progress. 

Alexis lost 50lbs. over 3 years. That is real progress. 

I am starting FIT CLUB's week of bragging by starting with someone who is no longer with the COMMUNITY of FIT CLUB but was an awesome asset to our program. 

Alexis started at The Club in late October/early November. Alexis never had trouble coming to class showing up at 4:30 PM most days and eventually moving full time to 6 am. She buckled down and said, "When I get off work I want to be done with everything. I don't want to have to worry about going to work out." She did just that.

Coming 3-5 times a week never complaining, too much, about the training program. Bringing guests and making me play "Gucci Maine" on the regular. 

I will never forget our conversation about nutrition. I was urging her to get pretty aggressive with her diet plan. She came right out and said something along the lines of, "Nah, I am just going to make minor adjustments." I asked her why and she said, "That would be too much, too soon." Alexis didn't want to get overwhelmed with everything and subsequently fail. She simply did what she said and took baby steps in the right direction. She came to FIT CLUB religiously. She slowly took a few things out of her diet. She quit drinking for a considerable amount of time or at least cut back majorly (she didn't drink heavily before). Alexis made sure to take it slow and roll with the punches. This is why she was so successful and lost 50 POUNDS!!! The best part is that when people asked her what she was doing she would say, "There are no secrets, just exercise and healthy eating." 

Pre FIT DAZE partay!!! Jan. 3, 2016

Pre FIT DAZE partay!!! Jan. 3, 2016

FIT CLUB is not taking credit for all of her progress. We can't because FIT CLUB didn't get her out of bed or drag her to The Club. We were not with her every minute of every day. Alexis understood that there are no quick fixes. She enjoyed the journey. Alexis took baby steps.  The picture above is over the course of 3 years. I will say that FIT CLUB helped a significant amount in the last 4 months. Putting the finishing touches on her amazing journey.  

@ FIT CLUB we will never say that we are a quick fix. We will support you and make you feel welcome as community member. FIT CLUB has a wide variety of community members that are super supportive and amazing.