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5 things to think about before you skip the gym because it is cold.

It is here! No, I'm not referring to your family or Santa. We are snowballs deep in cold, snowy, dreary days. I'm talking about single digit temperature days. The temperature that makes your freezer obsolete. If you have even thought about skipping the gym due to Tundra-esk weather or "Just holding off until the New Year to get started". This article is Grit reminder.

#1 Where is your GRIT?

Isn't your generation the generation that walked to school up hill both ways, in a blizzard? Remember, you are the generation that had cords on phones and graduated institutions of higher learning without Google. Generation X and baby boomers alike pride themselves on GRIT. Where is that Grit? You are far stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You need to cut out some time during this winter season for yourself. Take pride in knowing you are staying active when most others are holding off. It is the season of giving and I can't think of a more deserving person than yourself to give the gift of health and fitness to.

#2 What else is there?

We live in Nebraska. There are no mountains, or oceans, and Husker Football is over. What else do you have to do other than work on your fitness. The gym makes your warm. With the right mindset the gym is basically a beach. Are you going skiing? Are you going to run a marathon in the spring or summer? Do you have a wedding coming up? Let's get physically ready and conquer all of the above.

#3 Are You Naughty or Healthy?

The Holidays are a death trap for gains and results. Understand that you are constantly being bombarded with tasty treats in the break room. Gluttony is the name of the game at family gatherings. Hot, calorie laden, filling food is what is popular.  I get it, but your body doesn't get it. Dragging yourself to the gym and working out is a way to shake the funk and turn heads at the company Christmas party. Not to mention getting out of the house.

#4 Immune System

Your immune system will thank you. Cold and Flu season is synonymous with cold weather. The immune system and mood are boosted during and after your workout. This is a fact we all know. As joyful and amazing this time of year is, it can put unwanted stress on your body. That stress will only help you succumb to the "nasty bug" going around. Not to mention the aches and pains that come with a cold weather. Those can be worked out. Preventative care is smart care.

#5 New You, NOW!!!

"New Year, New You" propaganda is the last mentality you should have. So many times I get the question, "Are you ready for the New Years resolution crowd?" To that I say nah.... Quick fixes, and false buzz get people going for what, a month? That is not realistic. Starting in January is alright but it should be, "New You, Now." Waiting to get going is a hazardous mentality. If you start now the chances of you getting the look and feel that you want is 10x more likely.

#6 Bonus track!!


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