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FIT CLUB is a clown free CLUB.

The month of October is here. That means that there is corn harvest happening people are eating gobs of candy and CLOWNS. It is true folks, we have clowns on the loose. These freaks scaring patrons of this great nation. The hysteria is only growing and I am just over here waiting for some person to get shot. Let me tell you that FIT CLUB is a clown safe haven. No need to worry about clowns getting into FIT CLUB we will not allow it. If you are worried about clowns in the Lincoln area please feel free to visit FIT CLUB.

It is scientifically proven that clowns do not like kettebells. Just believe that they don't. It is science and FIT CLUB ain't messing with no science. The following are things you will not see at FIT CLUB.


This person is not allowed at FIT CLUB.

Nope and will never get an invite.


Nope...... Ok maybe this clown because that is impressive. Those have to be at least 32 kg.

Tell your friends that if they think about clowns or god forbid see a clown they are more than welcome to come to 6333 Apples Way ste. 107 to get away from these beasts.