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Work Hard, Play Hard

I knew less about the sport of tennis than I knew about under water basket weaving before Hank called FIT CLUB. It was not a sport that a school in a town of 435 people played. The way the sport is scored is wonky. I mean you score 1 point and somehow it is 15 love. The players are the refs.  When did Love come into this? When did one fault equal 15. But I received a call from a young man with the desire to get better. Get better we did. This is Hanks story.


"Signing up to FIT CLUB was a decision I made over a year ago, that I believed would help improve my tennis game. The first thing Austin said to me was "I know nothing about tennis, but I'll figure it out." His training and friendship helped me to become better in physical shape, and also mentally tougher. His efforts to help my tennis game paid off, I won a state title in doubles. Austin helped me to become a state champion, and for that I am forever grateful for. There is nothing I would change and I would do it over a million times"

Hank Massey.

Hank spent approximately 160 hours training with me. That does not include school practice. That does not include tennis camp, or working with a tennis coach. That is just with me. Those hours were spent at FIT CLUB, on the streets of Lincoln, at the Southwest Tennis Courts, and in a pool.

One time I programed in a run with Hank. I took Hank on a the run of our lives. I thought it would be a nice easy 5 miles. Boy was I wrong. We got to the halfway point and only then I realized that I made a grave decision based on my own ambitions. So here we are 3 miles from FIT CLUB. After three miles of grueling hills we pushed forward and continued to run FARTLICKS all the way back. It was tasking not only for Hank but for myself as well. Hank was trooper and followed my lead. He trusted in the system and it paid off. I didn't tell Hank at that time but I knew he would fulfill his goal of winning a championship.

Because my knowledge of tennis was so vast I refrained from that part. That would basically be cheating. So, instead we focused on foot work. We made the tennis racquet lighter with strength training. Ballistic core movements coupled with sport specific movement patterns made Hank a Champion. No, I am not taking credit because I didn't wake Hank up and bring him to The Club. I didn't make him show up for two-a-days during the hottest time of the year. Hank did and he saw the benefits.

Hank's decisions made him a champion. Hank's understanding that hard work pays off made him a champion. Those countless hours of work ensured a dominating victory in the final game. Those hours will translate later on in life and I couldn't be more happy for this client/friend.