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Opening the Dialogue

Oct. 18 FIT CLUB's DjaP (Trainer Austin) was asked to lay down some beats for "No Filter Needed". "No Filter Needed" was an event held by a new, amazing nonprofit in the Lincoln. This two day fun filled educational jam session was put on for 11-14 year olds.

SelfiD is a Lincoln 501 (c)(3) non profit and they just held a superb event for young ladies. "No Filter Needed" was two days of speakers, education, and assisting these young females in understanding that they are absolutely perfect just the way they are. It was a holistic health seminar that Austin was proud to be a part of. When FIT CLUB sees a group of people banning together to make the world a healthier, happier place we can't not support it.

Talking and educating the women of the future on the importance of loving oneself is not an easy task. Mental health, physical attribute awareness, and all of the above were discussed in a very mature and relatable way to these young ladies. Austin heard only one speaker giver her testimony. That testimony was really honest and there was no holding back. That level of honesty made it ok for all of the young ladies in the room to feel comfortable. That is often the optimal situation for empathy and engagement. Austin, SelfiD, and all of the sponsors handled everything perfectly.  Why did FIT CLUB/Austin get involved?

 It was a very unique opportunity after dealing with adults over the past 3 years. Austin was able to see the affect that speakers and education can have on young children. It is not unknown that adults deal with these same issues. Adults see, hear, and experience a wide array of similar emotions that these young ladies are exposed to. The advent of social media and ever more exposure to a fake reality of beauty is why so many people of all ages feel the way they do. Adults didn't necessarily grow up with social media. So the game isn't different it has just changed. The message is channeled and handled different between the two groups but the message is the same. Parents could benefit from an event such as "No Filter Needed."

Respect yourself and understand that by leading a healthy life physically, mentally and or spiritually you will be a more productive, efficient person. It is events like this that start a dialogue for a happier, healthier world. Austin could not be more happy to be a part of such an amazing event.