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FIT CLUB is thankful for LNK FIT WEEK.

The 1st Annual LNK FIT WEEK was amazing. FIT CLUB always has plenty of energy rolling through it but last week was especially electric. We were ecstatic to have 20 new guests swing by FIT CLUB and see what our facility has to offer.

First, we have to say thank you. FIT CLUB says thank you to the sponsors that helped make the event special. Without you this event would not have had the success that it did. Next we have to give a huge shout out to the people that worked tirelessly on creating some synergy with the smaller training facilities in town. Here at FIT CLUB we are pro-niche/small training facility environments. We believe smaller facilities offer much more focus and benefits to the clients that buy in. So, when the superior planners came to us with this event we were ready and willing. So a gigantic shoutout goes out to all the people that helped keep that belief alive. FIT CLUB is super thankful for all the people that stepped out of their comfort zone and stepped into multiple facilities around town. That can often times be a bold move and we respect your willingness to try something new. And last but certainly not least FIT CLUB wants to thank all of its' members for making every visitor that came over here feel welcome and making them feel like they were part of the FIT CLUB community.

Below are some pictures from an epic week.