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Who says Accountants can't have fun!?!?

Your average person spends 8 hours a day and 40+ hours a week at work. Some employees more and some less. Either way people are at work more than they are at home. The days of smoking in the office and sitting consecutively for 8 hours are falling by the wayside and employers are picking up a healthy new approach to "DOING WORK" at work. Wellness programs, team building exercises, and cool accommodations becoming a win-win scenario for both business and staff.

BKD LLP's story....

BKD LLP just finished up a 3 part series at FIT CLUB. Before coming to FIT CLUB they visited a spin class. BKD has around 70 staffers between Lincoln and Omaha with around 65 here in Lincoln. One health related committee in both, Omaha and Lincoln.

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"This is the first year. We've been rolling out fitness initiatives- started with Fitbit challenge that ran from last October to May (and just started back up again this October). We have a committee responsible for improving employee morale, and during the meeting we came up with doing more group workouts during the summer when our Fitbit challenge wasn't running." Said Morgan, one of the BKD FunOut participants.

I have to admit that before BKD folks wandered into FIT CLUB I thought accountants were for the most part, introverts. Just kidding!! Every time this smiley group of number crunchers walked into FIT CLUB they went hard. High Fiving, hootin'/hollerin', laughing, and joking around. They got competitive, crawled over the Club course, grew together as a workforce, and then went out for drinks afterwards. Which I would make an argument that is the best way to make work culture awesome.

What is the rest of the Nation doing?!?!

Just over 81% of companies with 50 or more employees have a wellness program. The cost per employee for promoting and executing wellness programs is about $144 dollars per employee and that is saving businesses $358 on average on health care costs. Making the return on investing for employees ranging anywhere from $.50-$3 dollars depending on the current level of health of the staff. For example Johnson & Johnson "higher ups" estimate that savings equal about 250 million dollars over 10 years. Their return was around $2.71 for every dollar spent. The reason being is because healthy employees cost less. 

According to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 45 Million avoidable sick days are lost every year. "$1900-$2250 dollars are lost in revenue per employee per year. 3/4 of the money spent by private insurers goes to treat chronic illness."

Around 3 in 4 companies offer reimbursement or incentives for employees that participate in regular healthy activities. A Virgin HealthMiles/ Workforce Management Magazine study revealed that 77% people polled felt "health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work." That same study found that 87% of people searching for a job take into consideration workforce wellness programs while looking at a possible employer. Lincoln based company Nelnet stated that the #1 answer when asked what they will miss when they change companies is; the wellness program.

Ask Your Company if they have benefits for living a healthy life.

The number of employers offering reimbursements for joining a health club are only increasing. Be sure to check with your current employer to see if they will help assist in your FIT CLUB escapades. FIT CLUB is always willing to sign something or print something off to prove that you are an active member of the FIT CLUB Community.

Also if you or any or your peers are planning an outing make it a healthy, fun one. FIT CLUB is very accommodating for groups that are into that. Just ask.