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"Bicep for the back of the Arm," Gauntlet

I have two jobs as a trainer. One is to crack the whip to get clients going and the other is to pull back on the reins to prevent injury.  This last week I lit a fire to the triceps, or as I like to call them, "biceps for the back of the arm." The Tricep Challenge took FIT CLUB  members out of their comfort zone. I LOVED IT!!!!   Everyone and I mean everyone is extremely sore. I LOVE IT!!!! 

What does the Challenge consist of? 

200 reps of tricep extensions. Reaching the 200 reps by doing 10 rep intervals starting with heaviest dumbell and working your way down to a super light dumbell. With each particular set of 10 you will use a different weight. For example, 10 reps at 30 lbs. and then 10 reps at 25lbs. and then 10 reps at 20 lbs. and so on and so forth to as low as you wish to go. You will go up and down the ladder until you reach 200 reps. 

Tricep Challenge is isolating one muscle group. We are overloading the tricep and doing so in a way that we are not used to. It is more than doing diamond push ups, tricep push downs, etc. The reason we are so sore is because we exercise the triceps with the shoulders flexed to 90 degrees. Having the shoulder flexed to 90 degrees puts the long head (in red) of the triceps in a further stretched position that you don't achieve with other exercises like tricep pushdowns. The medial, and lateral head (green and yellow colored) are still being put to the challenge. They are at a normal stretch length becasue they attach to the humerous, not the scapula.