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Video of the MONTH!! Don't let our culture affect your diet!

FIT CLUB is starting an education aspect to compliment it's superb training program. We want to educate our members anyway possible fulfilling the FIT CLUB Mission statement. "Creating lifelong healthy people". 

Dairy is near and dear to my heart. I love milk. I love chocolate milk, cottage cheese, cheese, and I definitely scream for Ice-Cream. I (Austin) was in instructed to watch this video. "The Perils of Dairy" sheds copius amounts of data and science behind the true perils. 

Skip the first 10 minutes. The first ten minutes is the speaker rambling about unimportant matters  that do not pertain to you or I. Watch in two three segments. Guys, be sure you finish the video because the last part is super important to us. Females, there is valuable content early that pertain particularly to you. 

This video is lengthy. Be sure to break it up into sections. More importantly, understand that we have been mislead. 

This is the story about how we found this video. 

A group of Kettlebell enthusiast from Wichita, Kansas journeyed to the  "Kettlebell State" for a day at FIT CLUB. After a tedious, morning kettlebell swingsesh the group  wandered over to HyVee deli for lunch. Austin was consuming some less than healthy foods. Neal and company's  plates looked like a vegan meal. Once they were done teasing Austin about his lunch selection there was dialogue about nutrition, vegetables, GMO's, and Gluten. Eventually our conversation ended on the topic of dairy. Watching "The Perils of Dairy" was assinged to Austin and Craig.