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March Madness @ FIT CLUB

FIT CLUB is happy to announce that from March 9th-April 11th is having March Madness!! WHAT IS IT? All memberships are Unlimited. That means if you have purchased a punch card, have a 2x/week membership or anything in between you can HIIT the FIT as many times as you want. 

We can break through the barriers of Cabin Feveritice. Start spring cleaning of the body and HIIT FIT CLUB because March Madness is here. If you are a member make sure you come in as many times as you can. If you are NOT a member now is the time to join. Purchase a Punch Card, or 2 x's/week,  month to month membership and make magic happen. FIT CLUB is trying to get everyone ready for Summer swimsuit season, Golf season, Sand Volleyball season, and all these activities that we want to be as healthy as possible.

The weather will be getting nicer and nicer so we will be switching up program design in order to optimize the FUN. It is the perfect time to kick that winter weight out. It is now or never if you are planning on having the body that you want for SUMMER!!