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FIT CLUB'S take on Thursty Thursday!

Carl is at it again. Here is what he thinks people are talking about when it comes to Thursty Thursday 

Okay, I over heard Austin talking about Thursty Thursday. My assumption is he is talking about drinking. Drinking so much he can't drink anymore. Gallons upon gallons of ice cold...........WATER.  So, I think I am going to shoot for the moon here and school you young bucks on some reasons why you need to be drinking a lot of water every day of the week, rather than just Thursday. 


- Water is H20, which means two Hydrogen atoms combined with one Oxygen atom. Your body is comprised of around 70% water. The earth is about 70% water, coincidence I don't think so. 

- A healthy person can drink about 3 gallons of water in a day, which is also 48 cups. I dare you. Do It, seriously.

-  When you are thirsty it is too late and you have lost more than  1% of your total water. Soo, stop waiting till you are thirsty. If you are thirsty before Thursday drink water do not wait. 

- Creaky/achy joints? Drink water. It acts as a lubricant for joints and can prevent arthritis. 

- Drinking water can prevent heart disease and cancer. Drinking water flushes our digestive system out. This helps get rid of toxins and bad things in the blood, bladder, etc. Less toxins in the body is a good thing. 

- Lose weight by drinking water. You hear me. Drink water and it keeps your metabolism rolling so you can keep burning calories. Drink water and you will see a lot of results. 

- Your brain is 80% water. Want to feel smarter? Drink water. That is why I'm so smart. 


Yours Truly, 

Carl MaJones