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Win, Win situation thanks to Suit Case Dead Lift

The Suit Case Dead Lift is a semi-simple movement pattern that has more benefits than one. With Spring Break and Summer right around The Club it is important to be thinking about safety and FITting into that bathing suit. Let's not kid ourselves we all want to look good and more importantly feel good. The suit case dead lift is a step towards that. 

1 in 6 Adult Males carrying their significant others overloaded bags will throw out their back this year. Guys all across the nation during Spring Break and Summertime Vacations will be expected to lift and carry bags that are heavier than a 100 lbs kettlebell. By simply working on one  movement at FIT CLUB you can prevent this embarrassing situation from occurring. The Suit Case DeadLift is meant to work on core stability, posterior chain activation, and authentic grip strength.  All of which are important for carrying the 1 or 2 or 6 bags that is required to take a three day mini vacation with a women. Man up, grab your bells and show your women that her ability to pack a small child into a Dior hand bag is only an awesome excuse for you to work on authentic grip strength and a solid core.

Ladies, no need to feel the burden or backlash from your man by simply trying to FIT your walk-in closet into a small duffle bag. Your man or husband should be able to take care of that compact car stuffed into a carry on with ease. All you should have to worry about is shaping up those buns and toning that mid section. So, while your husband or boyfriend can be working on safety, you are working on looking your best. It is a win win situation. 

Start out with light weight and reps to ensure safety. The Client, in the video above, has a few aspects of this lift to work on but we are not packing on the weight at this time. Mobility and flexibility are crucial aspects that need to be present in order to see the benefits of this movement.  In the video this Client is fine tuning this movement with 8 Kg. kettlbells. Come to FIT CLUB and do the same!