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The Holiday Hangover

You ate, drank, and were merry over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Maybe you got out of town or took a little vacation. You needed the mental reprieve and got it. You saw family whether you wanted to or not and now it is time for you to get back in the swing of things. BUT that is not as easy as it may seem.

The Monday after Thanksgiving you were a little groggy, tired, and maybe didn’t want to be back in the office working. You don’t quite feel fully energized and want to get back into the swing of things. Why would you be? You only have a few more weeks until another couple holidays are here and the craziness that comes with them.

You are experiencing the “Holiday Hangover”. It is similar to post party depression or post vacation depression.  This ale-ment (pun) affects millions of Americans after some of the major holidays.  The routine and monotony of your regular schedule was broken. That is ok. Humans are creatures of habit. When that habit is broken we get a little wonky, maybe make some poor decisions or awesome decisions depending on how you look at it. The entire bottle of wine should not have been drunk in one sitting. Your sweet tooth didn’t require you to inhale the whole pie. You didn’t leave the couch for how long? Food coma was the new standard for a few days.

It’s ok. You didn’t do anything wrong. Or did you? Whether you did or not those first few days back on the grind got the best of you. The solution is not easy because everyone needs to take the holiday and enjoy themselves. Everyone deserves to over indulge a little, partake in a little r and r, and have fun.  The Holiday Hangover is almost inevitable. Here are some tips to help expedite the symptoms of the “Holiday Hangover.”

1: Don’t feel too guilty.

                Guilt can be a bad thing.  When we feel guilty for our actions we are more likely to need comfort of some sort and tend to make even worse decisions along the way to cover that guilt. That process creates an even guiltier conscious and then begins a snowball effect. “Oh, I don’t need to eat that salad. I didn’t anything healthy all weekend.” Or “Well my sweet tooth needs more pie.” You get the point. Next thing you know you are three weeks removed from a normal, healthy diet or exercise routine. 

2: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.

                This is a slippery slope too because you know you have been sleeping or napping more. The only thing missing was a regular habit. Again, you broke the monotony. You napped, stayed up too late, and slept in the next day. Then you went out shopping, or to the game, or mingled with people only to return for a nap. Some folks spent more time traveling or preparing for guests. Some individuals were too inactive during the holiday because of no work and little travel. So, find that routine AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.  Make it a goal to find your rhythm as immediately. The day before returning to your obligations avoid a nap or avoid staying up too late.  Find yourself in bed at a decent time.

3: Drink Water

                Drinking water is the most natural way to flush the system. You are dehydrated. You have not had the proper diet over the last few days. So, drink copious amounts of water. Continue to drink it through Monday and Tuesday and so on and so forth for the rest of your life.  It is your Life Blood. Yeah it doesn’t taste good but neither does beer or wine and you drink that.

Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and The New Year festivities are upon us. This holiday is usually zanier than Thanksgiving. Understand that your obligation is to enjoy yourself. Then your obligation is to come back to reality. When you come back it is not easy. A little understanding and a little preparation can go a long way.  The Holiday Hangover that ensues after Christmas and New Year is similar to the second “Hangover 2,”.  “Failing to prepare is preparing to Fail”. Let's conquer this world.