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Number 2 aka Austin Schafer

Austin Schafer

I am a junior at Simpson College studying exercise science.  Throughout my life I have been involved in many sports and with those sports came many training programs.  Prior knowledge and the experience I have gained from putting myself through the training programs has led me to be able to create my own programs to see their results on myself.  I am a goalkeeper for the men’s soccer team at Simpson College and in the off-season I have developed my own training programs with the focus of power, speed, and agility.  I have worked to develop programs and helped my clients achieve their fitness goals.

I enjoy playing all kinds of sports in my free time and being active in general.  I love watching professional sports and am a big fan of the Husker football team.  My favorite music is country, but while I am working out I enjoy listening to some hip-hop.  One of the best hobbies that I picked up in college is disc golf, which is nice because I am awful at real golf.  I am not a big fan of running, but I love biking.  My favorite place to travel to in the US is Colorado.