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Book of the Month for our Runners!!!

5k's, 10 K's, Half Marathons, mud runs, paint runs,  fun runs and the list goes on and on. Humans love to run and we  love even more to make it into an event. Believe it or not our innate ability to did not come about because  a turkey trot.  

We are comin to the end of running season and I am already hearing talk about training for half marathons, track season, and iron man competitions. This months book of the month is an adventure story that pulls in research, history, and science all in a unique way. 

Christopher McDougal has a unique outlook on running in general. In an interview with he spit some serious knowledge. "People can do one of two things: you can qualify for the Boston Marathon or you can spend the same three months perfecting your running form." Christopher McDougal is challenging the "Running shoe Revolution" and this book is the start of the journey. 

Running enthusiast this book is for you. I can't put this book down.