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Excuse #23: I can't work out because I have kids.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? Close your eyes. Take yourself back to life before children. Sleep filled nights, endless energy, and free time up the wazoo.  Wasn’t that nice? You could read more. You could exercise more. Your possibilities were almost endless. Now you are at the mercy of the center of your world, your children. Your last bit of energy is spent working for them.  We see your conundrum and you are not alone.  Are your children your excuse for not working out?

When you have an excuse for not being able to do something, it’s a useful exercise to ask yourself this:  Am I just making an excuse to avoid a task, or calling, or need?  Working out, for example, is good for us.  We all know this, but it is hard “work,” so it’s easier not to do it.  Truth be told, if we want to work out, we will make it happen.  It’s all a matter of priorities.  Don’t believe me?  Tell yourself that no matter what, you need to work out.  After that, maybe ideas start popping into your head.  For instance, a mother with a newborn baby can put her baby in the stroller and walk or hold the baby and do squats.  Boom!  Problem solved. 

Mothers and fathers at FIT CLUB are making it work and here is how. One couple at FIT CLUB said, “Working out is how we stay sane.” This particular couple brings their children with them to sessions. Their three children are not old enough to participate in activities but are able to hang out and do homework, read, play on their electronic devices.  Another mother brings her child along with her and said, “If you guys were not so cool about my daughter being here it would be hard to stay active.”  Some parents work with their spouses to make fitness time a reality. These parents use a little planning and often take advantage of the early sessions. While some parents at The Club are leaving their little bundles of joy at daycare an hour longer. Either way all the parents out there making it work to work out, FIT CLUB applauds you because you are the real MVP’s.

Children might not be able to participate at the gym, but you can use that time for setting an example for the kids. Laying the ground work for your children will pay major dividends later in life for your young ones. Parents are the strongest role model in a child’s life. So, tip of the hat to you one more time because we love it and want to see everyone progress…… even with a busy lifestyle.