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Why I ran The Good Life Halfsy Barefoot!

Why did I run the Good Life Halfsy barefoot?

First, I want to say that The Good Life Halfsy killed it this year. Congrats to Bulu Box and Pink Gorilla Events for knocking that shit out of the Park. The atmosphere, hype, cheer stations, and vibes were amazing. I especially tip my hat to all the people that ran the Halfsy. You all did outstanding. 

On the morning of Sunday, Nov. 1st 2015 I drank a beer, I ate five pancakes, I danced, I took2 shots (of protein), and ran 13.1 miles barefoot.  Now, I was well trained in all of the above except for a 13.1 mile barefoot jaunt.  Being 7 days removed from the half marathon, I have been waddling. People continually ask why I ran the Halfsy barefoot without training. Why?

At FIT CLUB we have a video of the month.   Before the Good Life Halfsy,  I was searching for this month’s video I stumbled across a Ted Talk that inspired me.

I wanted to try something new!!

After watching this Ted Talks I was intrigued by the idea of barefoot running. I watched a gentlemen do it in first Good Life Halfsy. Barefoot running came up in History books but you would have missed it if you blinked. I briefly across the idea of minimalist exercise when looking at the opportunity cost of wearing Vibram 5 finger shoes. This video got my wheels turning. It has science, history, and the why behind it. Is barefoot running taboo? Yes. I like Taboo. 

 I am a “hippie” by nature and don’t wear shoes around FIT CLUB on occasion. I thought, "What if I tried this unconventional method of running."  FIT CLUB, Bulu Box, Pink Gorilla Events, and The Good Life Halfsy are all unconventional in the best way possible.  FIT CLUB is a kettlebell training facility for christ sake. We scream taboo. That is one of the reasons I went through with it is because I wanted to represent FIT CLUB. 

I had no legitimate excuse not too!! 

Some people might say that starting with the half marathon was crazy.  As a trainer I am bombarded with excuses and reasons why people don’t exercise, step out of their comfort zone, or basically, live.  I could have come up with a million reasons not to do it, but I felt a larger obligation to lead by example.  I wanted to challenge myself to do something that I didn’t know I could do.  Maybe I would cross the finish line, maybe I wouldn’t.  A friend of FIT CLUB asked if I wanted to take his place and I accepted the challenge. So, up to this point I had a video, a necessity to be different, and an opportunity. 

It was time to inspire!! 

Yes, I am a personal trainer. My confidence comes from training. My job as personal trainer is to encourage, inspire, and motivate people to challenge them physically and mentally. I believe if I do not challenge myself physically and mentally then I am a hypocrite. Running a half marathon without shoes and without running training is something I saw as a challenge.  I knew that the training I do at FIT CLUB would serve me well.  My disclaimer is that not all people should try to do this exact “feet” without consulting a doctor.  

 I have always been a guy that had to learn by doing and this is no different. I have done quit a bit of research since the race and found out that I passed all of the test in order to start running this way. Will I continue? that is a whole different conversation. 

So go get out of the comfort zone.....