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Letter From Carl MaJones!

Carl MaJones hangs around  FIT CLUB every once in a while. If you are a member you will see him. He is geriatric because if he doesn't hang around FIT CLUB and swing kettlebells he will deteriorate.

He got out his type writer, which Austin didn't even know they existed. Carl wrote something that I have to share with everyone.


HEYOOH, Carl here, I am typing this because I am 60 years young. I am sick and tired of people being sick and tired. Too many people are searching for quick fixes. Too many people are worried about being toned, super skinny, or trying to look like a Victoria Secret Super Model. Aaann another thing too many people are hurting physically in some way that can be prevented. They are going through life not knowing how good they could feel.  One more thing, too many people are sucked into $10 per month workout facilities. All that really chaps my cheeks. Earth to people, grab a kettlebell and swing it. Okie Dokie, enough rambling. Below is a little old fashion wisdom. 

I, Carl MaJones, would consider myself truly FIT. I do not look FIT because I look like a mix of a 80’s hair band guitarist, burnout and a badass kettlebell swinger. I am FIT because I use the program design that everyone at FIT CLUB uses. Functional exercise is why I am FIT. I started by building a solid base. How did I do that? I worked on my core, rectus abdominiss, QL’s, breathing techniques.  Much like people at FIT CLUB. I built those mushles up. I started working on my bells. I swung the HECK out of kettlebells. Kettlebells are to human beings as duck tape is to your tool box. Duck tape can repair everything because it is functional.(pun intended)  Kettlebells are to being FIT as McDonalds is to being FAT. McDonalds is a really fast way to get fat.  Kettlebells are to FIT CLUB as kettlebells are to FIT CLUB. There really is no comparison.  Using kettlebells shows you how to move multiple mushle groups. It is activating mushles all over my body. I attribute them to feeling awesome and rocking a semi hard body at the age of 60.