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Athletic Art (A subjective editorial)

Dislocated Knees, rolled ankles, hip impingements. No, I am not talking about football injuries. I am talking about dance injuries. I watched a Contemporary Dance group perform recently and was blown away by the amount of ability required.   Athleticism is a broad spectrum and has a very vague defining line. Too often people are bickering about Lebron James and Tom Brady's athletic ability. As a trainer, I watch a persons body and analyze what is happening, good or bad. Four years and nine hours a day doing this, it is hard to turn it off while attending a contemporary dance performance. Today I'm making a case for the more elegant side of the athletic spectrum. 


I'm not saying that the ability to touch your toes means you are an athlete. I am saying the ability to do full splits while leaping through the air is worth an eye brow raise much like throwing a football 60 yards. Not everyone can do it. Flexibility is noteworthy check in the athletic column because the speed and transition from basically "yoga-esque" poses present a level of difficulty unmatched in few areas of life. A lot of humans find yoga difficult, now up the tempo and repetition to boot.

Lifting heavy doesn't define a sportsman.

A more naïve younger me would define being athletic as a "strong" human and I am not alone. A ballet (for a lack of better word) dancer may not be able to put up 225 on bench 34 times but they have the ability to do an abstract, isometric hold with one arm much like an Olympic gymnast. Might I add, with only half the muscle mass of a gymnast. That athleticism boils down to overall body awareness and mechanics. Lifting heavy things requires very little body mechanics/awareness.


Some of you read the word cardio and instantly made an awful face that even a snapchat filter would likely not save. Yes, some routines require little cardio and I am not talking about that. I'm talking about a five minute routine with jumping, turning, twisting, planking and whatever else may be laid out to get the heart rate above resting.  Five minutes is a similar time frame of a UFC round and we would consider them to be in the upper echelon of athletes. The ebb and flow may be way different, but the energy output is comparable.


Control of the body goes a long way in terms of being considered athletic. Agility is more of a defining attribute of ability. Usain Bolt can run fast in a line but can he stop on a dime and switch directions while kicking? The performance I just watched was right up there with the footwork of Michael Jordan. Particularly in the realm of running and jumping and landing with no shoes repeatedly. I've watched a lot of people do jump squats with zero to no control, which again means not a lot of people exude that ability, furthering my belief in a degree of athleticism. The small, quick twitch muscle demanded of this style of dance is further evidence.

Athleticism isn't defined by the amount of injuries you can incur over time but says something about the demanding physical nature of what the body is going through. From Michael Phelps to Mikhail Baryshnikov athletes take many forms. Some sportsman are judged by time or points or score and some are not which makes the debate that more difficult. These are just the tip of the iceberg notes taken during a hour and half show from someone with surface level background in contemporary dance. The ability to see a person that is athletic on the other hand runs deep. My subjective opinion is that there is some serious difficulty in what is happening on that stage.






22 memes that perfectly explain getting Summer Beach Body Ready

May is here and so is the panic that you do not have the summer body. Hot days are becoming more and more frequent. Less and less clothes are becoming the norm. Would you hit the rewind button if you could? Whether you're ready for the weather or not, it is here. Here are 22 memes that explain how you feel or felt, and what you found getting ready or not ready for beach season.

Realizing it is time to start.

January 1st New Year, New You? Maybe but the excuses are there and they sound too good. You'll wait. You just need time and then it is the first thing on your list.

The Holidays have come and gone and you still feel like this.

All your friends seem to be working on their summer body. You feel like you don't want to be the only one not.

Now you are serious. IT IS TIME!!!! You are ready. This will be easy. #determined #takenbackcontrol

First day back at it

You don't remember it being this hard. Was it this hard? You want to give up. But you don't.

All the muscles you haven't felt in a minute start hurting. You're in that awkward stage where you don't know if you are injured or sore.

Meanwhile your trainer is looking at you like.

You stay consistent but, DAMN LEG day comes around.

Three "consistent" weeks at the gym you're virtually an Instagram model. Time to start handing out advice to your friends. You think to yourself, "Am I really working out if I don't post something about it on social media?" So you do it and damn it feels good to let the world know you're getting FIT.

Exercise is not enough so you start clean eating.

Day 1 of clean eating feels.

Everyone around you is eating carbs. You look at bread and you gain 5lbs.

Silver Lining= You still get peanut butter.


Co-workers start taking notice.

Your friends start calling you out.

Random thoughts that pop in your head because being healthy is hard work.

Genius! The loophole you needed. "No, yes, maybe, I don't know"

So, you skip a day or two but technically not. You're recovering.

You're determined though and that's all that matters.

In the deed the glory.

A few inspirational quotes later and you are back on track.

You know that you want toned arms so you lift weights. With lifting weights comes a new found confidence.

Sweat angels and this just become a daily occurance.

14 weeks in and you still feel like this.

Summer Finally arrives ANNNNNNND!!!

Beach, booze and barbeques get the best of you and you are ready to start all over. Or are you?

5 reasons you should hit the W.

The XT (FIT CLUB version of TRX) or TRX W is the holy trinity of back, core, and shoulder exercise. This one simple body weight movement works all three at once. The W is perfect for warm up to cool down. Here are five reasons you should be hitting this move in your gym regimen once maybe twice a week.


1- Your chest muscles are too tight.

Pectoral muscle fibers run horizontal spreading across your chest and become more vertical towards your shoulders. After a tasking chest day have you ever experienced soreness on the outside of your chest, close to your arm pit? That is your pectoralis minor and it runs vertically under the pectoralis major. If a person has tight pectoralis minor their shoulders will be rolled forward and pointing down. The W, when done properly, will stretch that vertical pec muscle. The W will balance the muscle groups in your upper back that will help counteract that rolling forward and down of your shoulders.

2- Rear Deltoids are neglected on shoulder days.

Lateral, front raises, and over head presses are awesome if done correctly. Those really only focus mainly on the anterior and medial deltoid. What about the third part of that muscle? Your rear deltoids are just as important especially when we are looking for a nice rounded, tone shoulder. That particular spindle of muscles  are often neglected when it comes to shoulder day. Dumbbell flies sort of get the rear delt but does not compare to the W.  The W fires up the medial and rear delts like a boss-- getting the top and back of your shoulders.

3- The spinatus thank you.

Infraspinatus and Supraspinatus and teres minor are muscles underneath your deltoids attached to the humerus bone. They are neglected and forgotten muscles in the back of the shoulder/rotator cuff. These small muscles don't fire on a large population. The W is one way to work those muscles around the scapula in one slow movement. The lack of activation contributes to mobility issues in the shoulders. This leads to pain and future complications with the shoulder. Infraspinatus adds stability to your shoulder joint. Strengthening these muscles will pull shoulders back setting the bone properly in the socket.

4- Common Core

A buzz word and popular word people love to use now-a-days is core. Core this and, "I need to work my core" but people think that just means planks and crunches. No. Anything upper body with a TRX suspension training should require you to focus 20% on your abs. The key to this exercise is maintaining a solid hip and center body....stiff as a board and light as a feather. This is easier said than done. Stabilizing your abs will benefit the exercise as well as tune up the calorie burn slightly. Anytime a person has to focus on stabilizing their midsection is an opportunity to stabilize their life, basically.

5- Did I mention it is good for posture.

Thoracic spine needs your attention. Your back needs your attention more that you know. Yeah it is not the most fun muscle group to work. Dudes or ladies in the gym are not approaching you about your W technique or how much you did for that movement but people will notice you standing taller. Slouching is never attractive and chest bros are obsolete. Lats and traps are ok to focus on but the W takes a strong back one step further. Our spineimportant part of our body. Building a solid muscle structure around it will only help.



In the 21st century, progressive companies know their employees are engaged, effective and elated when they are involved with a quality work culture. Yahoo, Google, Hudl, and all the other well known hip places to work are thriving because they keep that culture alive and well. Those companies know that is a big part of keeping talent. Engagement applies to exercising at your group training facility too.

FIT CLUB was created with culture and engagement first and foremost in our minds. FIT CLUB wanted to build a "fitness culture" for our members. We wanted to make it effective, but also fun so that members would want to come and feel like they are part of something bigger. Think of the sitcom Cheers. FIT CLUB is the Cheers of Lincoln fitness. Everybody knows your name. We drink beer after we work hard.

Members Make Magic


Members keep each other accountable. If you have ever been a part of any sort of team environment you know what it is like to go to work next to the same people everyday. Clients at this facility embody that team mentality. Community members are sharing recipes, hitting the trails together, trying a new yoga class, running 5k's, etc. I love nothing more than to hear about how people are taking time to meet up with people outside of the CLUB. If someone is not there for a while, clients are asking me about where such n' such is. That's the culture we have provided.

@ FIT CLUB the only protocol is have fun with each other while getting MORE FIT. The only affiliation is to the kettlebell and we need more of that. The only agenda is to look better naked while maintaining sanity.  Look at the negative vibes on social media and then imagine the exact opposite. That is what is happening inside FIT CLUB walls.

The Juxtaposition

CLUB members understand the intimidating part of starting at a new facility. For example; everyone may appear to be best friends or everyone is pro at the movements, this equipment is new to me, this movement is something I have never seen. All members have been in those shoes. All members.

I'm so encouraged by our members ability to help newer members assimilate.  FIT CLUB members have all been in those shoes and will help you find your way. The personal attention CLUBBERS receive will ensure you are doing things properly and in a safe manner in order to get results.

Extra Curricular

RailYard Farmers Carry Field Trips to Nacho Bike Rides, and KAYAK Relays to The Club Favorite Jane Fonda workouts. FIT CLUB members are always are down to go places and try new things. We have bonding parties and potlucks. The CLUB CULTURE breaks monotony. Our members jump on board and step out of comfort zones to break that monotony. We provide the FITNESS CULTURE. They show up, go hard, and go home week in and week out.

A person could race to their goals but at FIT CLUB you journey to your goals with like minded individuals. Come Join our fitness culture for you fitness journey!

5 things to think about before you skip the gym because it is cold.

It is here! No, I'm not referring to your family or Santa. We are snowballs deep in cold, snowy, dreary days. I'm talking about single digit temperature days. The temperature that makes your freezer obsolete. If you have even thought about skipping the gym due to Tundra-esk weather or "Just holding off until the New Year to get started". This article is Grit reminder.

#1 Where is your GRIT?

Isn't your generation the generation that walked to school up hill both ways, in a blizzard? Remember, you are the generation that had cords on phones and graduated institutions of higher learning without Google. Generation X and baby boomers alike pride themselves on GRIT. Where is that Grit? You are far stronger and more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You need to cut out some time during this winter season for yourself. Take pride in knowing you are staying active when most others are holding off. It is the season of giving and I can't think of a more deserving person than yourself to give the gift of health and fitness to.

#2 What else is there?

We live in Nebraska. There are no mountains, or oceans, and Husker Football is over. What else do you have to do other than work on your fitness. The gym makes your warm. With the right mindset the gym is basically a beach. Are you going skiing? Are you going to run a marathon in the spring or summer? Do you have a wedding coming up? Let's get physically ready and conquer all of the above.

#3 Are You Naughty or Healthy?

The Holidays are a death trap for gains and results. Understand that you are constantly being bombarded with tasty treats in the break room. Gluttony is the name of the game at family gatherings. Hot, calorie laden, filling food is what is popular.  I get it, but your body doesn't get it. Dragging yourself to the gym and working out is a way to shake the funk and turn heads at the company Christmas party. Not to mention getting out of the house.

#4 Immune System

Your immune system will thank you. Cold and Flu season is synonymous with cold weather. The immune system and mood are boosted during and after your workout. This is a fact we all know. As joyful and amazing this time of year is, it can put unwanted stress on your body. That stress will only help you succumb to the "nasty bug" going around. Not to mention the aches and pains that come with a cold weather. Those can be worked out. Preventative care is smart care.

#5 New You, NOW!!!

"New Year, New You" propaganda is the last mentality you should have. So many times I get the question, "Are you ready for the New Years resolution crowd?" To that I say nah.... Quick fixes, and false buzz get people going for what, a month? That is not realistic. Starting in January is alright but it should be, "New You, Now." Waiting to get going is a hazardous mentality. If you start now the chances of you getting the look and feel that you want is 10x more likely.

#6 Bonus track!!


What is that? FIT DAZE includes giveaways, prizes, individual challenges, excitement, tracking/monitoring, and RESULTS galore!

When does it start? Middle of January.

Want more info? email or call FIT CLUB. 402 419 0463.



Who says Accountants can't have fun!?!?

Your average person spends 8 hours a day and 40+ hours a week at work. Some employees more and some less. Either way people are at work more than they are at home. The days of smoking in the office and sitting consecutively for 8 hours are falling by the wayside and employers are picking up a healthy new approach to "DOING WORK" at work. Wellness programs, team building exercises, and cool accommodations becoming a win-win scenario for both business and staff.

BKD LLP's story....

BKD LLP just finished up a 3 part series at FIT CLUB. Before coming to FIT CLUB they visited a spin class. BKD has around 70 staffers between Lincoln and Omaha with around 65 here in Lincoln. One health related committee in both, Omaha and Lincoln.

bkd LLP.jpg

"This is the first year. We've been rolling out fitness initiatives- started with Fitbit challenge that ran from last October to May (and just started back up again this October). We have a committee responsible for improving employee morale, and during the meeting we came up with doing more group workouts during the summer when our Fitbit challenge wasn't running." Said Morgan, one of the BKD FunOut participants.

I have to admit that before BKD folks wandered into FIT CLUB I thought accountants were for the most part, introverts. Just kidding!! Every time this smiley group of number crunchers walked into FIT CLUB they went hard. High Fiving, hootin'/hollerin', laughing, and joking around. They got competitive, crawled over the Club course, grew together as a workforce, and then went out for drinks afterwards. Which I would make an argument that is the best way to make work culture awesome.

What is the rest of the Nation doing?!?!

Just over 81% of companies with 50 or more employees have a wellness program. The cost per employee for promoting and executing wellness programs is about $144 dollars per employee and that is saving businesses $358 on average on health care costs. Making the return on investing for employees ranging anywhere from $.50-$3 dollars depending on the current level of health of the staff. For example Johnson & Johnson "higher ups" estimate that savings equal about 250 million dollars over 10 years. Their return was around $2.71 for every dollar spent. The reason being is because healthy employees cost less. 

According to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 45 Million avoidable sick days are lost every year. "$1900-$2250 dollars are lost in revenue per employee per year. 3/4 of the money spent by private insurers goes to treat chronic illness."

Around 3 in 4 companies offer reimbursement or incentives for employees that participate in regular healthy activities. A Virgin HealthMiles/ Workforce Management Magazine study revealed that 77% people polled felt "health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work." That same study found that 87% of people searching for a job take into consideration workforce wellness programs while looking at a possible employer. Lincoln based company Nelnet stated that the #1 answer when asked what they will miss when they change companies is; the wellness program.

Ask Your Company if they have benefits for living a healthy life.

The number of employers offering reimbursements for joining a health club are only increasing. Be sure to check with your current employer to see if they will help assist in your FIT CLUB escapades. FIT CLUB is always willing to sign something or print something off to prove that you are an active member of the FIT CLUB Community.

Also if you or any or your peers are planning an outing make it a healthy, fun one. FIT CLUB is very accommodating for groups that are into that. Just ask.



Work Hard, Play Hard

I knew less about the sport of tennis than I knew about under water basket weaving before Hank called FIT CLUB. It was not a sport that a school in a town of 435 people played. The way the sport is scored is wonky. I mean you score 1 point and somehow it is 15 love. The players are the refs.  When did Love come into this? When did one fault equal 15. But I received a call from a young man with the desire to get better. Get better we did. This is Hanks story.


"Signing up to FIT CLUB was a decision I made over a year ago, that I believed would help improve my tennis game. The first thing Austin said to me was "I know nothing about tennis, but I'll figure it out." His training and friendship helped me to become better in physical shape, and also mentally tougher. His efforts to help my tennis game paid off, I won a state title in doubles. Austin helped me to become a state champion, and for that I am forever grateful for. There is nothing I would change and I would do it over a million times"

Hank Massey.

Hank spent approximately 160 hours training with me. That does not include school practice. That does not include tennis camp, or working with a tennis coach. That is just with me. Those hours were spent at FIT CLUB, on the streets of Lincoln, at the Southwest Tennis Courts, and in a pool.

One time I programed in a run with Hank. I took Hank on a the run of our lives. I thought it would be a nice easy 5 miles. Boy was I wrong. We got to the halfway point and only then I realized that I made a grave decision based on my own ambitions. So here we are 3 miles from FIT CLUB. After three miles of grueling hills we pushed forward and continued to run FARTLICKS all the way back. It was tasking not only for Hank but for myself as well. Hank was trooper and followed my lead. He trusted in the system and it paid off. I didn't tell Hank at that time but I knew he would fulfill his goal of winning a championship.

Because my knowledge of tennis was so vast I refrained from that part. That would basically be cheating. So, instead we focused on foot work. We made the tennis racquet lighter with strength training. Ballistic core movements coupled with sport specific movement patterns made Hank a Champion. No, I am not taking credit because I didn't wake Hank up and bring him to The Club. I didn't make him show up for two-a-days during the hottest time of the year. Hank did and he saw the benefits.

Hank's decisions made him a champion. Hank's understanding that hard work pays off made him a champion. Those countless hours of work ensured a dominating victory in the final game. Those hours will translate later on in life and I couldn't be more happy for this client/friend.

Opening the Dialogue

Oct. 18 FIT CLUB's DjaP (Trainer Austin) was asked to lay down some beats for "No Filter Needed". "No Filter Needed" was an event held by a new, amazing nonprofit in the Lincoln. This two day fun filled educational jam session was put on for 11-14 year olds.

SelfiD is a Lincoln 501 (c)(3) non profit and they just held a superb event for young ladies. "No Filter Needed" was two days of speakers, education, and assisting these young females in understanding that they are absolutely perfect just the way they are. It was a holistic health seminar that Austin was proud to be a part of. When FIT CLUB sees a group of people banning together to make the world a healthier, happier place we can't not support it.

Talking and educating the women of the future on the importance of loving oneself is not an easy task. Mental health, physical attribute awareness, and all of the above were discussed in a very mature and relatable way to these young ladies. Austin heard only one speaker giver her testimony. That testimony was really honest and there was no holding back. That level of honesty made it ok for all of the young ladies in the room to feel comfortable. That is often the optimal situation for empathy and engagement. Austin, SelfiD, and all of the sponsors handled everything perfectly.  Why did FIT CLUB/Austin get involved?

 It was a very unique opportunity after dealing with adults over the past 3 years. Austin was able to see the affect that speakers and education can have on young children. It is not unknown that adults deal with these same issues. Adults see, hear, and experience a wide array of similar emotions that these young ladies are exposed to. The advent of social media and ever more exposure to a fake reality of beauty is why so many people of all ages feel the way they do. Adults didn't necessarily grow up with social media. So the game isn't different it has just changed. The message is channeled and handled different between the two groups but the message is the same. Parents could benefit from an event such as "No Filter Needed."

Respect yourself and understand that by leading a healthy life physically, mentally and or spiritually you will be a more productive, efficient person. It is events like this that start a dialogue for a happier, healthier world. Austin could not be more happy to be a part of such an amazing event.


FIT CLUB is thankful for LNK FIT WEEK.

The 1st Annual LNK FIT WEEK was amazing. FIT CLUB always has plenty of energy rolling through it but last week was especially electric. We were ecstatic to have 20 new guests swing by FIT CLUB and see what our facility has to offer.

First, we have to say thank you. FIT CLUB says thank you to the sponsors that helped make the event special. Without you this event would not have had the success that it did. Next we have to give a huge shout out to the people that worked tirelessly on creating some synergy with the smaller training facilities in town. Here at FIT CLUB we are pro-niche/small training facility environments. We believe smaller facilities offer much more focus and benefits to the clients that buy in. So, when the superior planners came to us with this event we were ready and willing. So a gigantic shoutout goes out to all the people that helped keep that belief alive. FIT CLUB is super thankful for all the people that stepped out of their comfort zone and stepped into multiple facilities around town. That can often times be a bold move and we respect your willingness to try something new. And last but certainly not least FIT CLUB wants to thank all of its' members for making every visitor that came over here feel welcome and making them feel like they were part of the FIT CLUB community.

Below are some pictures from an epic week.


FIT CLUB is a clown free CLUB.

The month of October is here. That means that there is corn harvest happening people are eating gobs of candy and CLOWNS. It is true folks, we have clowns on the loose. These freaks scaring patrons of this great nation. The hysteria is only growing and I am just over here waiting for some person to get shot. Let me tell you that FIT CLUB is a clown safe haven. No need to worry about clowns getting into FIT CLUB we will not allow it. If you are worried about clowns in the Lincoln area please feel free to visit FIT CLUB.

It is scientifically proven that clowns do not like kettebells. Just believe that they don't. It is science and FIT CLUB ain't messing with no science. The following are things you will not see at FIT CLUB.


This person is not allowed at FIT CLUB.

Nope and will never get an invite.


Nope...... Ok maybe this clown because that is impressive. Those have to be at least 32 kg.

Tell your friends that if they think about clowns or god forbid see a clown they are more than welcome to come to 6333 Apples Way ste. 107 to get away from these beasts.



Runners Come to FIT CLUB?? Hell Yeah they do....

Yeah, That is right!!! We have Runners at FIT CLUB.

Real, authentic running enthusiasts are often weary or hesitant of joining a facility such as FIT CLUB. That is fine. True Gym rats are weary about putting miles under their belt. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. The two groups are different in approach, they are not different in the environment that they create. Check out what CLUB member Phoebe, a real runner, has to say about visiting FIT CLUB on her day off.


  I’m a runner.  I enjoy the solitude of running and pushing my body to it’s limits. My retro IPOD Shuffle is infused with 90’s jams. As I listen to Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, and who are we kidding, Hanson. It’s just me, my  BFF, Garmin, and my feet pounding on the pavement. I need it. I love it. I’m breathing heavy like I’m dying, but I’m picking up the pace. I want to feel the pain, and then the glorious release of endorphins as I reach that Runner’s high.  No one talking to me; cowering over me, telling me what I’m doing wrong. No dousche bags that aren’t even working out, but checking out the chicks at the gym, on their phone, or chit chatting at the snack bar.  “Da weight room, is dat way..” (insert your best Hanz and Franz voice).

Who am I kidding? I can’t be in a place like Fit Club. It’s way too hip/trendy. These people have to be muscle freaks and I still can’t do a “real” pushup. My “heavy” is almost the lightest weight on any exercise.   I don’t want a gym culture.  I am used to doing something I’m good at. It’s what I know. I do spontaneous planking , wall sits, and tricep dips at home…I’m good, right? I don’t know how to do any of this crap. Suspensions, Kettle bells, blah blah blah. I already work out well and just fine by myself and an occasional running bud. Why do I need this?

                When I went for my first class at Fit Club, I was so into the workout that the 45 min/1 hour flew by and I was barely conscious of all of the crazy shit I was doing, or how much time had eclipsed. I didn’t have to put thought into it; there was loud music throbbing in the background, the energy was high, and all the moms I brought with me were hooting, sporadically laughing, AND working their asses off, to boot! It was unreal good energy…and it was actually fun. What?! Did I say that out loud?

                People go into the Fit Club to grind out their workout; then leave. It’s an eclectic band of misfits that all come together for that particular given class (every day, every class is different) to reach their own personal goals, whatever that may be. I feel comfortable, I feel safe, I feel like I belong, and  I feel like I’m going to be unbelievably sore in the next couple days.  It’s quick, time-efficient, and it’s fucking effective (excuse the expletives; but it's the most potent way I can think of to drive my point home). I (and my husband, mind you) have noticed things change in my body over the course of the last month and a half, that I can hardly believe!  I ran a 1:45 half marathon with barely any shred and I’m already feeling more toned, fit, and confident than I have since my college track and field days.

         I feel POWERFUL when I’m in Fit Club. I feel FIERCE. For the love of God, I hit a tire with a sledge hammer during one workout!   I love the variety and the atmosphere. I have always had a goal of living a lifetime of physical fitness. This will help me achieve that in a whole new way. Something I’m proud of. It’s challenging. It’s outside of my comfort zone. But I love it. I’m a believer.  To my distance coach in high school who humiliated me; and to the self that told me I have no business being here…F*ck off!

                I am a runner..and I am Fit Club.

Phoebe Hampton....

A family that works out Together, Gets Strong Together.

All families have some set of pillars or staples that are either subliminally carried out through repetitive action or wide open for the entire family to know. Those could be a focus on honesty, hard work ethic, happiness, openness, or all of the above and more.

The Hoppe, Massey, Lipson family came together over the holiday weekend to let some energy out. They wanted to let that competitive nature nurture and have fun at FIT CLUB. FOLKS, THEY WORE MUSTACHES!!!! #hellyeah #proud Not only did this family wear mustaches they wanted to come together to continue a definitive characteristic that this Hoppe go lucky family believes whether they say it out loud for the world hear or have it in the back of their minds they know that being physically active and fit is a proper way to live. 

The nucleus of the family is here in Lincoln but the family spans the US of A. So, this group of 16 individuals that all share at least one thing in common came to FIT CLUB. We started with Moby "Green Sally Squat," played a very competitive, very rambunctious game of basketball. Not regular basketball, FIT CLUB basketball. Grandma Judy down to seven year old Helen was in it to win it. We finished with individual competitions. Laughs were had, memories were made, and a bitter rivalry was birthed. Then, rumor on the street was that everyone got in on some yoga at a place in town on Monday.

The impressive moral of the story is not that a large family spread out across the nation came together over the holiday. That is what the holidays are for....... be happily miserable with your relatives. The impressive part was not that we had a healthy mix of a family unit playing a basketball game in which calories were burned and no one was injured. The impressive part was that a family that started a long time ago with healthy lifestyle and a competitive nature continues that healthy lifestyle. It is reassuring that retired Grandparents through three generations put that sort of focus on being active is killer. The fact that no one in the family is letting off the brakes and continues to put being fit as a necessity. They make fitness a cornerstone but compete in life outside of FIT CLUB.

All of them have different goals from winning a state title in tennis, to making the 1000 lbs. lifting elite, to golf, to mini-triathlons, to maintaining a quality life through retirement, and complete body transformation. Members of this family help make the community of FIT CLUB a community is inspiring.

Tip of the hat to ALL families out there making healthy living a staple. This wonderful family/community unit is not the only one. They are not the only model. They are one example of how awesome the world is when you live FIT.

The Speed of Sound!!!

 "While trying to reach the sound barrier in X1 aircraft everything started to shake. The plane shook vigorously. It was kinda scary because my life is in my hands. I felt like if I push this plane any further it will be out of control. It basically was. But in order to break the sound barrier I had to keep going. I was not allowed to let off the pedal. It was my duty. " NASA test pilot Chuck Yeager when talking about what it was like breaking the sound barrier.

This quote came up when My mentor and I were conversing about daily productivity. The moral of the conversation was about pushing the limits of what we think we can accomplish as opposed to what we are really capable of. This goal oriented conversation really rung a bell with all FIT CLUB clients. 

Too often I see clients as well as myself really work for that first few lost inches or a noticeable amount of  percentage body fat loss or any other short term goal for that matter. Those come easy. Then I don't know what happens. We, I say we because we all do this at some point in our lives, let off the forward button.  We figure it is ok to slow momentum. Next thing you know we are two weeks removed from where we just were.

Recent dialogue with CLUBBERS and several measurement check ups led me to writing this blog post. It also led me to the theory that all of us, at some point, get to uncharted territory. We become intimidated by the idea of going further. We start focusing on the tasks, effort, and grit that is involved in getting through the next plateau. Then begin leaning back on past results or accomplishments. The next paragraph is about recent success. Those recent successes are my way of tying this sermon to you CLUBBERS or anyone reading this.

Client Amanda has toned up a total of 6+ inches. Client Jessie has trimmed up 4+ inches. Client Kelly is down 13+ pounds. Client Tabbi has lost 17 lbs. while recovering from a knee injury. Client Kyle, Bridgette, Joe are just getting through another plateau with gains. Folks are stepping up and doing what it takes to get results. Some are getting to areas that they might not know was possible and things are starting to shake.

The sad truth is people are going to back off instead of breaking that sound barrier. That is not mean of me to say that is just the statistics behind the game we all play. People are going to let off the gas. Hide that killer instinct and digress.  

I am challenging folks to take those steps. Do not be afraid of the next level. Do not be afraid of the tasks, effort, and grit that it takes to reach your true potential. I'm not asking for perfection. I am saying leave those worries behind. Buckle up and get ready to break that fucking sound barrier. There is no better time than right now. We all hold the knowledge and capacity to do it. Don't make any excuses.



Grit.. You got it?

The FIT CLUB Book Club book of the month is BACK!! This book is for those of us who are goal oriented. If you are not goal oriented it is time you start. This book is the reason we focus so much on goals around FIT CLUB.  

Diagrams, questionnaires, self reflective activities that help bring everything full circle.  

Diagrams, questionnaires, self reflective activities that help bring everything full circle.  

I love this book because it says that talent, and genes have little to do with ultimate success. Read the book to find out what else it says.

What is it really about?

I ventured to The Haymarket Theatre two Fridays ago to watch the Lincoln Contemporary Dance Company Annual Concert. I have never been to The Haymarket Theatre let a lone a Contemporary Dance Concert so I chalked it up as a new experience and went to it. I went out of curiosity but more importantly I went to support a long time FIT CLUB client. I'll brag about that client later.


First, Lincoln Contemporary Dance Company killed it. Even the two dudes playing guitar between songs killed it. The athleticism, body control, and fluidity that the performers accentuated was outstanding. Going into this, I understood the coordination and energy that comes along with any form of dance. But, when these ladies started moving, the trainer in me instantly came out. Balance, core muscles, posture, leg muscles, agility, and so much more goes into making these performances superb.

Women of all ages participate in the LCDP but I was there to cheer on Client Paula. Paula comes in 2 times a week religiously. We work a lot on her core. I can see why that is one of her goals that she wants to keep developing more and more. Paula even came to FIT CLUB leading up to the concert one time while completing practice/run through every night. #dedication

I got so jacked up and invigorated watching this concert because I was reminded why FIT CLUB was created in the first place. FIT CLUB was created to help people challenge themselves inside and outside of FIT CLUB. For Paula FIT CLUB provides her with supplemental muscular and cardiovascular endurance. This allows her to keep doing something that she enjoys. Hard work and dedication showed during her performance. It was so refreshing to watch a client challenge herself.

Plenty of clients run half marathons, play sand v-ball, softball, or tennis but to see a client with a completely different set of skills challenge themselves was truly compelling. I felt like a parent watching his/her kid. Knowing that FIT CLUB helped someone maintain the body that they want in order to do the activities they want pushed me to want to help more people.

In the midst of celebrating our third birthday. I want to thank all of our clients for challenging themselves as well as challenging me. FIT CLUB is your gym. We work hard, and we play hard. Life's a kettlebell, swing it. #JoeDiertey #thatsFIT


Summer Schedule


Our Summer Schedule is out. FIT CLUB gots some fun activities planned. 


Taco Ride on June 7th & July 5th

- Bicycle Ride, leaves from Club at 5:45 PM, ride hard to PloughShare Brewing Company. WE WILL HAVE 4:30 PM these days. NO 5:30 SESSION THESE DAYS.

Club Kettlebell Clinic June 11th

- No Saturday 9 am June 11th. Club Members are welcome to join this event. We will be going deeper into 2 kettlebell essential movements. This is a great opportunity to further develop your kettleballin' skills. 

June 18th Farmers Walk the Market 

 - More information to come. We will be down and around the farmers market. I am working on doing a workout in the courtyard at The Tavern on the Square. This is going to be a healthy eating walk through.  The focus of this is to get out of FIT CLUB on Saturday morning and learn, laugh, and take in some fresh air. 


Club Closed dates what?

Austin is not taking any major, week long vacations this year. He is utilizing holidays to get the hell away from all of you. Get outside and enjoy life. Do an outdoor activity, other than drinking booze. You can all drink but do something else to justify you drinking like a fish. 



Know your not alone.

I get it. Starting or looking for a new group exercise regime can seem intimidating for numerous reasons. Bridgette had expressed to me verbally after rejoining The Club in late 2015 the reason why she quit in the first place. I loved hearing her reasoning. Bridgette didn't know is that this is a common feeling.

FIT CLUB understands what you are going through. The excerpt below is the tale someone who had the same feelings as many individuals that start something new go through. I did not want her to talk about FIT CLUB. Know your not alone and enjoy the ride.  

Free weights, weight machines, circuits, aerobics, boot camps, spinning, pilates, yoga, jogging, walking, running , personal training sessions, exercise videos at home, various gym classes, ellyptical machines, treadmills, stair machines, jumping rope, nothing at all....... been there done that.
Trying to stay healthy and functional are my ongoing goals.  I am no major athlete by far.  I am just a regular joe-y in the gym and just trying my best most of the time.  At times I had some major slides into workout failure or humdrum because life happens but I manage to spring back with enthusiasm in the next workout venture. 
About a year ago I was at a “regular” gym in town doing my usual workouts sometimes often, sometimes not so often, and just craved something different.  I happened to drive past Fit Club in its original location (2014) and remembered a friend had told me she tried it and thoughtit was right up my alley as far as workout interests go.  So I made contact and tried it out for a few months.  Igreatly enjoyed the people,  the trainer, the workout regimen but I just could not gain momentum. I had been in a workout rut prior to initiating Fit Club so this did not help my cause.  I was lagging behind the others always and had to take breaks often due to lingering fatigue.  I knew this was a process but I felt even after a few months I should have been doing better.  Right?  I felt terrible mentally.  I felt more and more impatient with myself.  So I stopped going.  But a nagging feeling of failure lurked and I hated it. I usually left places because I was bored and was curious to see what else was out there not because I could not endure it.  Other people in the sessions were faring well- what was the dealio with me? So I went back to a “regular” gym with nagging feeling in tow. 
Fast forwardinto earlier 2015 and due to a medical issue I end up hospitalized with a recovery time afterwards.  This medical issue ended up being a main reason why I had such endurance/fatigue issues previously. Yet,  I don’t go back to Fit Club and again attempt to go back to the “regular” gym – half-assing it at best in my opinion.  I am still curious about the status of Fit Club – again because it was deemed a “failed attempt” in my mind and that did not sit well with me to date.   Finally I had had enough and connected with Austin in the fall of 2015.  This time I thought better of it and requested personal training sessions first with him instead to build up my endurance and get accustomed to the workout regimen again.  We met a couple times a week at first and then built up to three times and eventually four before I came back to the group sessions.   He was very personable and patient with me during this time. It was really fun – exhausting yes – but enjoyable and worthwhile.  After coming back to the group sessions at the end of 2015 to date, I have amazingly been able to keep up the pace with the rest of the group.  I am still a major work in progress but I have lost weight and more importantly I feel much stronger and better.
The moral of this story I think is don’t be afraid to try.  Fit Club is a unique eclectic place.  There is versatility, variety, community and fun here.  It should not be intimidating.  Take your time. Let Austin guide you in the process. Have fun with the workouts and the people working out with you – we are all in this together.  Fit Club will help you with your journey to be healthy and functional.  Isn’t that what all of us want in the end?  Enjoy the journey!  Sincerely,  Bridget – Member in 2014 and again since late 2015.