FIT CLUB sessions last about 35-48 minutes. The workout is the same everyday for every class. Our trainers will personalize specific aspects of each session depending on Clientele in each session. FIT CLUB class sizes range from 2-15 peeps. We get loud and rowdy. Variety, Variety, Variety, is the number one part of our program design that our clients love.

Cardio? Core? Resistance Training? Power Lifting? More Kettlebell? You never know. The only thing you can guarantee is RESULTS!!!!

Austin- Left  Craig- Right

Austin- Left 

Craig- Right




Energy, Empathy, and Engagement are the three E’s that Austin practices during training sessions. Austin’s background as a professional DJ helps him make the workouts fun and exciting.  Austin is weird and we are trying to keep it that way. Community and camaraderie are what Austin wants for at FIT CLUB.  His goal is to create comaraderie through a sense of community in order to keep people feeling accountable. 

Credentials:  Art of Strength Vintage, suspension, Kettlebell, ropes. Certified in CPR


Craig: Craig has been interested in fitness since childhood.   Craig is also an avid martial artist and has practiced various arts for over 25 years.   His background as an Occupational Therapist has helped him with knowledge of fitness and treatment of injuries sustained during martial arts training. After training with kettlebells and suspension equipment Craig got the "fever" and the only prescription was "More Kettlebell" Over several months he saw his back pain go away and saw strength and stamina go up considerably.  So much so, that his martial art training partners started asking about his weight training program.  Today, that dream has come true with Fit Club!